This site is dedicated entirely to the sport of greyhound racing. Greyhound racing is a competitive sport where greyhounds, which, if you did not know yet, are a breed of dog, race around a track of a specified length. The track is usually circle or oval in shape. An artificial lure is hung in front of the dogs, to get them to run and keep them running. You can learn all about how the races work, and the rules and regulations, as you scroll through the site.

Like with horse, car and other races and sports, many people enjoy betting on these thrilling races and their outcomes. Some countries actively promote and include this sport in their gambling industry. These countries include Australia, Mexico, the UK, Ireland and some states in the United States. There are many ways in which to gamble, both on and offline, which are discussed on this site as well. Some groups and animal welfare activists have different opinions about the inclusion of this sport in the gambling industry and are against making a profit from the dogs. For more information on this somewhat controversial topic, and an objective look at the gambling involved, keep reading through this site!

Greyhound dogs are certainly a unique breed, with their own particular characteristics, including their slender build, shorter hair, and skinny faces. These dogs are not only super fast and efficient when running, but also have great personalities and are incredibly affectionate and lovable pets for a family or individual. Learn about different ways to adopt greyhounds and all about their unique characteristics and qualities.

How exactly did greyhound racing come to be a sport? The first recorded race dates back as far as 1876 in England, but was on a straight track and looked absolutely nothing like it does today. Since then, the sport has evolved completely, since this failed 1876 experience. The artificial hare was the thing which helped the sport take off, in 1912 in the United States. It was important to Owen Patrick Smith, the inventor of this mechanical hare, to stop the unnecessary killing of the rabbits, which were the standard lure before this invention. The same man opened the first ever professional race track for greyhounds in California, and the rest is history. To learn more about the full evolution of the sport, check out the different pages on our site!

The sport has changed so much and is an ever-evolving industry. The rules and regulations are changing to be fairer, and the races have been in the spotlight, with pressure on for the participants, and the sport as a whole, to ensure it is transparent and kind to the animals involved.