Dog racing is an important part of modern culture. It should, therefore, come as no surprise to learn that this sport features as a theme in media fairly often. This includes film and television. Sometimes racing greyhounds serve as characters. Other times the act of gambling on races becomes a narrative device.

The Simpsons

Few television shows have been as successful as The Simpsons. This animated comedy is about a family that gets into many situations. The very first episode takes place around Christmas. The family patriarch, Homer struggles to raise enough money to buy presents. He decides to gamble at the local racetrack. He loses the bet but goes home with one of the dogs. The family names him Santa’s Little Helper and he becomes a key recurring character in the show.

The Mighty Celt

The Mighty Celt is an Irish drama starring Gillian Anderson and Robert Carlyle. It follows a young boy who befriends a racing dog. The film explores the behind-the-scenes world of geryhound racing and how these animals are trained. The boy is promised that he can keep a greyhound if he trains it well enough to win 3 races in a row. The bulk of the story then shows the bonding experience between the boy and his dog.

Steptoe And Son Ride Again

Steptoe and Son was a British comedy show about a father and son who struggle to make ends meet. Over the years this classic sitcom has become an iconic television show. Eventually, two films were produced.

The second one involves the two characters purchasing a greyhound and using it for races. They assume that this will be a lucrative get-rich-quick scheme. However, their dog turns out to be very slow. The two men then decide to abandon their plan and come up with an even more ridiculous one.