What Is Greyhound Racing?

Greyhound racing is a form of sport, where the dogs are organised to race around a track. Over the years, it has undoubtedly gained in popularity, especially among people who enjoy betting and want to try something different.

There are two types of greyhound racing; track racing, where the dogs have to race around an oval track and coursing. During track racing, an artificial lure is placed on a rail, and it goes in front of the dogs until it crosses the finish line. Coursing is not so popular as racing, but it involves the greyhounds chasing a live hare or rabbit. The use of live hares or rabbits has been banned by several countries, and a stuffed lure is often used instead.

Greyhound Racing in Australia

Greyhound racing has been a favourite sport in Australia since 1937. Representatives formed a body called Greyhounds Australasia to regulate the welfare of greyhounds in Australia and New Zealand.

Major venues where the sports are held include Greyhound Park (Adelaide), Sandown Greyhound Club (Melbourne), Wentworth Park (Sydney) and Cannington Raceway (Perth).

The states and territories in Australia monitor the selling and buying of greyhounds, to confirm that the dogs are being treated well. There have been many cases of greyhounds being mistreated. You might want to take a look at how abuses were committed before animal rights activists spoke up.

There have even been attempts to altogether ban the sport, but several stakeholders came together to take a look at the existing laws, that can be improved, to make the competition better for both the dogs and people who are watching and betting on the game.

Other countries that engage in commercial greyhound racing include New Zealand, the United Kingdom, USA, Mexico and Macau. South Africa also has greyhound racing, but it is not in large scale, as most of the dogs are owned by individuals.

Even after a greyhound is too old to compete, they are often kept for breeding, if they are found to be having desirable qualities. People who bet on greyhounds prefer it because the chances of winning are actually higher. Only eight dogs start the race, increasing the odds of winning.