With every passing year, the betting landscape changes immensely. The markets have widened, the odds have become more competitive, and if you have internet, you do not even need to step out of your house to place a bet. You can do it from the comfort of your home and join thousands of people globally who engage in online betting.

If you do not want to lose your money, you should try betting on dog racing. It is an interesting sport to watch, and at the same time, it is not as crowded, so you can be sure of enjoying the game and having more shots at winning. Some of the tips on betting on dogs include:

Go for the younger dogs

One mistake most newbies make when placing their bets on dogs, is going for the ones that have raced more than 10 times. The reality is that the underdogs present an opportunity for great odds. Young dogs are more enthusiastic and can change direction faster.

Research on the trainers who are working with each dogs

Always bear in mind that the dog follows the master. They are a representation of who is training them. That is why it is important to do research on the trainers, and know their specialities in specific tracks. Check out the trainers’ past records, how they performed, their passion and weaknesses, so that you are better guided when making your predictions.

Concentrate on one track

Resist the temptation to spread too wide when choosing the dog to bet on. You have a better chance of winning if you specialise in one area. Every track has a different characteristic that works for different types of dogs. Before you narrow down on a track, go to the stadium’s website and check out other races that were contested before, in order to become an expert on where each dog is likely to prosper.

Understand running styles

Organisers of dog races always place the dogs strategically according to their running styles so as to create some form of confusion and shake up the game. Even though punters do not like when this happens, learning the running styles will make it easier to know what is likely to happen when arrangements place dogs in certain positions.

Know the gender

It is always safer to bet on a dog than on a bitch. Bitches are harder to train and when they are in season, it is a requirement that they are taken out of the game for close to 21 days.

Know the conditions and weather

If the weather indicates that it might rain, you are safer betting on inside traps, where the dogs will not be affected by the wet weather.

Remember to have fun

One of the biggest undoing for people who gamble is forgetting that they are in it to have fun. Do not get carried away by an obsession to win, that you forget to have fun in the process. Always remember the rule of betting; some games you will lose, others you will win.